Your News: Illustrator Katie makes debut at pub exhibition

One of Katie's illustrations
One of Katie's illustrations

A young illustrator is launching her debut exhibition at a pub tomorrow.

Katie Cardew, 24, who grew up in Rutland but now lives in Carlby, is hosting an open evening at The Blue Ball in Braunston from 5pm.

The exhibition will remain in place until March 30.

The Newcastle University graduate set up her own illustration business – KC Illustrations – in October last year in her parents’ dining room, now a studio.

She graduated with a degree in English in 2012 and then worked for an events company in London for 18 months before moving back home.

“I have always loved illustration and kept up my artwork throughout university, despite not studying it as a degree,” she said.

“While working in London I continued to draw and paint in my spare time as well as illustrating bits and bobs for magazines.

“Last October I decided that I wanted to concentrate on my illustrations, so I left my job and left London.”

Katie has already had some success working on commissions, illustrating people’s houses, families and pets, or such things as a wedding venue or street scene.

She also specialises in country pursuits, especially game shoots and horse trials and she also draws wildlife in general.

One of her favourite haunts has been London’s Natural History Museum where she has spent many hours drawing everything from giant anteaters to an Egyptian pygmy jerboa.

“My quirky and stylised illustrations concentrate on capturing the character of the subject, with an emphasis on clean, bright colours and textures,” she said.

She has a range of original pieces and limited edition prints that people can see online on the website.

E-mail her for more details on