Your News: Help us continue our work at Three Counties Dog Rescue

Gyll Mauchline of Three Counties Dog Rescue.
Gyll Mauchline of Three Counties Dog Rescue.

Although over the years we have reported being full to capacity with dogs and cats needing homes somehow we have managed to accommodate them.

We have always been reluctant to say no to demands to take unwanted pets for fear of what might otherwise happen to them.

This year calls to take unwanted pets have been unremitting.

It has been a catalogue of new babies, children with allergies, relationship splits, moving house, having to leave dogs alone for too long, cats with kittens, animals apparently found but remarkably familiar with the finder: - all the usual reasons, just more and more of them.

With 58 dogs and 11 cats at the kennels and 15 in foster homes this is already more than we can cope with and we also have a waiting list of people pressing us to take their unwanted pets.

We are finally at the stage where we just cannot take in any more without finding a lot more homes for those we are already caring for.

Alternatively we must find more foster homes and this is where you come in.

We need people to foster pets for us on a temporary basis until we find homes for them.

You could foster if you already have a dog but it also suits people wanting to try out dog ownership and works well for people whose lifestyles make it difficult to own a dog permanently.

Three Counties meet any veterinary costs and also provide food if needed.

The foster home would agree which dog or cat to foster but any rehoming is managed by Three Counties at the kennels.

We are desperate to find more foster homes to help us continue to rescue unwanted pets so please think hard about whether you could help and call me on 077085 89792 or 01778 440318.

There is also lots of information available on our website, which is so take a look.