Your News: Girls’ golf begins to flourish in Bourne

Bourne golf centre girls lessons EMN-140827-195545001
Bourne golf centre girls lessons EMN-140827-195545001
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Four girls, aged 8 to 11, joined up with lady members of Toft Country House Hotel and Golf Course for their very first game of golf last Saturday and played their first game of golf.

For the last two years, the girls have been enjoying SNAG golf at their schools, participating in an After School Golf Club set up by the school and Darren Game of Bourne Golf Studio. With some help form the Lincolnshire Golf Partnership back in February, six very keen golfing girls were brought together to create a girls group at Toft.

This girls have benefited from monthly coaching sessions since then. These sessions complemented their school coaching and allowed all the girls to progress further and be introduced to the more traditional equipment and finally last Saturday play on the full golf course at Toft.

Judith Childs, Lady Captain speaking on behalf of the ladies, said: “We all enjoyed being able to give the girls a little taste of what it was like to really play golf.

“It was good to see that as their confidence improved so did their ability to hit good shots, and indeed some of their chipping and putting was as good, if not better than that of the ladies.”

It was fantastic to see all the girls enjoying themselves, and hitting some great shots.

It was unfortunate that two of the group were away on holiday and unable to join in and another could only walk round as she had fallen and sprained her wrist two days prior.

For her to say that she can’t wait to get out there and have a go herself was a real positive in itself.

“Saturday was a very special day for me, seeing all the girls out on the golf course, flourishing in the occasion and thoroughly enjoying their experience of playing golf,” Darren Game, their coach says.

He continues: “To see them go through all the routines and strokes that they have been learning over the last year or so and hit some fantastic shots was a credit to the 

The Academy at Toft and Bourne Golf Studio is growing with another six girls set to join this existing group in September. A boys programme with 12 boys will be starting at the same time.

It will not be long before all the After School Golf Clubs resume at most of the local schools along with some schools starting clubs for the every first time.

Add to this, weekly Saturday junior golf sessions commencing mid-September at Toft Hotel Golf Club and indoors at The Studio means that the junior section at Toft and Bourne Golf Studio will be given the opportunity to continually grow from strength to strength with all the children that are being given the opportunity to start to play golf in schools just like these girls..

For more information about all the opportunities there are on how to get your child involved in golf please call Darren Game PGA Professional at Bourne Golf Studio and Toft Hotel Golf Club Junior Organiser on 01778 395592, text him 07827 293679 or e-mail