Your News: Friendly springer Jasper stole our hearts

Jasper from Three Counties Dog Rescue
Jasper from Three Counties Dog Rescue

A year or so back we took in a lovely young springer spaniel called Jasper who, we were told suffered occasional sickness.

Unfortunately we discovered he was suffering from Megaesophagus, an ailment that prevented him from digesting his food because his oesophagus could not function properly.

We were very lucky to find Jasper a foster home who built him a special chair that he was able to climb up into for his meals and eat upright to assist his faulty digestion.

Much more than that he became a loved part of a caring family and travelled away on holidays.

In between his bouts of illness he was able to live a very happy and active life. Despite receiving specialist veterinary care very sadly Jasper’s illness caught up with him and he died a few days ago.

The foster home has posted their photo history of Jasper’s time with them on our Facebook page as well as their own tribute to him. He has left a big hole in the hearts of his foster home, the Three Counties helpers and the vets and staff at Burghley Vets who treated him.

Jasper’s care reflects the work we do at Three Counties which is much more than taking in unwanted dogs and cats and finding new homes for them. Increasingly we are faced with restoring animals to good health and managing chronic ailments.

Together with neutering and vaccinations, the cost of this now represents nearly 50 per cent of the expenses we incur each year.

You can read more about our work on our website and if you would like to make a contribution to help us you will find several ways to do so there.

Gyll Mauchline

Owner of Three Counties Dog Rescue in Bourne