Your News: Dogs on TV can be a problem

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Your News EMN-140228-120734001
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TV programmes featuring dogs are becoming as frequent as April showers.

The strange thing is that, despite forty years of involvement with dogs, I struggle to relate to anything much I see. Two of the latest typify this problem.

The first featured the emotions experienced by people giving up pets for adoption.

I accept that there are some unavoidable circumstances where someone has no alternative but to find their pet a new home but my experience is that most people who contact us to take their dogs can’t wait to be rid of them.

They hand them over with little sign of remorse, little interest in their future and no contribution to our funds.

The second is the predictably sensationalised presentation of so called dangerous dogs. “They are focussing on the wrong end of the lead” was a great quote I heard.

In all my years of dealing with dogs of all shapes and sizes I have only been bitten once and that whilst out walking my own dogs trying to protect them from an on rushing dog off the lead.

The other point of interest is that the heading of “Dog Attacks” is a shortening of a classification “bitten or struck by a dog”.

This means that when my husband was recently knocked over by one of our more lively dogs and ended up in hospital recently it would have been classed as the result of a dog attack. So beware of misleading statistics.