Your News: Could you be a fire co-responder?

Lincolnshire County Council
Lincolnshire County Council

Recently I have been lucky enough to be invited to attend Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue’s headquarters for a passing-out ceremony for the latest batch of on-call firefighters.

It’s a privilege to be part of such an exciting occasion in any circumstance, but this time was particularly special as one of our own Bourne residents – and my personal friend – was among the successful recruits.

I was as proud of him as I am of all the members of our local community who serve as on-call firefighters.

When needed they give up their own time – from their everyday jobs or with their families – to apply their specialist skills and save lives.

We’re lucky to have people within our communities who are willing to put their own lives at risk to help others.

Of course, firefighters don’t just put out flames. They also deliver life-saving medical treatment in their co-responding roles.

Co-responders have been saving lives for over 15 years now, offering first aid, oxygen therapy and CPR to support the medical treatment offered by EMAS.

And now this wealth of skill, knowledge and experience of working with our East Midlands Ambulance Service will be built upon with the piloting of a new project.

The Joint Ambulance Conveyance Project, or JACP, will allow firefighters to respond to emergencies in ambulance vehicles, meaning that, if necessary, they can convey a patient to hospital immediately without waiting for an ambulance to arrive on-scene.

The project will be piloted for 12 months starting in July from Long Sutton, Woodhall Spa and Stamford fire stations – and with Stamford being our near neighbour, it is relevant to us here in Bourne.

I’m excited to see this promising concept put into practice.

It will mean closer working between our emergency services, and patients will receive speedy treatment for the best chance of making a full recovery.

With this exciting new project on the horizon, the fire service is, as always, looking for people who are willing and able to serve their communities as on-call firefighters.

If you would like to learn more about how to sign up, call Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue’s free recruitment line on 0800 358 0204. Your community would thank you for it.

As always, if you’d like to speak to me personally, I can be reached on 01522 552094 or at