Your News: Coping with a muddy mutt

It can be hard work keeping your dog clean and dry
It can be hard work keeping your dog clean and dry

Winter, especially during these damp days, can be great as we take our dogs for some fresh air away from stuffy indoors.

On the other hand, it can be a constant battle against mud. Not only on our shoes, but on the dog’s paws, on his fur, and of course anything he chooses to roll in along the way. Incidentally, why is fox poo so attractive to dogs? (I will discuss this in next week’s column). On a wet day in winter, even just letting the dog out for a quick wee can be a major mud trauma.

Here are my tips for coping with mud.

Although mats at the door are great for human visitors, they are far too small for most dogs who of course have to wipe all four of their feet. Invest in a dirt trapper mat (the trademarked ones really do work). These can be very costly, especially as you need one big enough, but they are a long-term investment and can usually be washed, even tumble dried.

A cheaper and much easier solution is to use old bath sheets. Lay them inside the door just before you leave, and you have plenty of space for your dog to trample them as you re-enter.

If your dog is too fast, or absolutely filthy, find a dog crate and place towels inside, over the top and sides, and a handful of really tasty treats placed towards the back.

If you take time to build up his confidence, your dog will race straight in, drying himself off before you get that ‘shake off and drown’!