Your News: Cocker spaniel Bobby saves the day

Gyll Mauchline of Three Counties Dog Rescue.
Gyll Mauchline of Three Counties Dog Rescue.

One of your worst nightmares is probably having your home broken into while you sleep.

Well that’s what happened to the owners of Bobby, a cocker spaniel homed by Three Counties.

Although now aged 14, Bobby sprung into action having heard strange noises in the house.

His fearsome barking unnerved the would be burglars and they fled empty handed; Bobby’s tail up, theirs between their legs!

Who knows what would have happened if Bobby and intruders had come face to face. Maybe a friendly welcome but they weren’t to know.

Our owners take on their dogs for the mutual companionship, fun and exercise that ownership brings.

Although improving the security of your home doesn’t feature on our list of reasons for dog ownership it is a fact that the presence of a dog can deter unwelcome callers.

But in the end there is no substitute for an alarm and some good locks.