Your News: Christingle celebration at Bourne Abbey Church


Bourne Abbey Church is calling on the local community to help bring some light to the lives of some of the UK’s most vulnerable children this Christmas by supporting its Christingle event in aid of The Children’s Society.

The Messy Christingle family morning is being at Bourne Abbey Church Hall on Saturday, December 12, at 9.30am where families with young children will make the Christingle oranges, do some craft activities, hear all about the Christingle Story and sing the song.

The Christingle celebration service will be held at Bourne Abbey Church, Church Walk, Bourne, on Sunday, December 13, at 3.30pm.

Everyone is welcome to join the festivities and all money raised will go towards helping the children the charity works with, including victims of sexual exploitation.

Families and communities are welcome to come and celebrate together at the festive fundraising event, which revolves around children decorating oranges with red ribbon, cocktail sticks and sweets.

These, as well as a candle, highlight different parts of the Christian story.

Christingle has been taking place for 47 years and, with around one million people attending each year, it plays a huge role in supporting The Children’s Society’s vital work to help some of this country’s most vulnerable children. This year, the charity is aiming to raise £1.4 million and every penny will be crucial to its work.

Merryn Woodland, churchwarden from Bourne Abbey Church said: “We are really excited to be putting on a Christingle event this year and hope to have lots of local people coming to see the lovely display of illuminated oranges and help us raise money for a very worthy cause.”

Matthew Reed, chief executive of The Children’s Society, said: “We are thankful for the massive difference that Christingle services make to vulnerable children, year after year.

“Every child deserves a childhood filled with joy and happiness.

“The support from everyone attending Christingle events up and down the country will help us to fight child sexual exploitation and allow us to support even more children who have been seriously affected by it.”

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