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Your News: Bourne Westfield pupils meet Avatar tribe

Bourne Westfield UGC
Bourne Westfield UGC

We reported a couple of weeks ago on the amazing events surrounding our Year 6 flight to Madagascar which ended in disaster when the aircraft gently crashed in the ocean; all passengers miraculously suffering no injuries.

Well, the story continues!

The passengers were able to walk across the reef to a mysterious island shrouded in clouds.

It appears the crash was but the start of their adventures!

After making notes in lessons on survival from Teddy ‘Bear’ Grylls and orienteering practice to find their way around by using geographic skills, children set off to gather the necessities for their stay, which strangely they were able to find on the school site!

The biggest surprise of all was the discovery of a strange tribe that inhabited the island.

These strange people, looking somewhat akin to those made famous in the fictional story of Avatar, proved content to sit and be questioned as the children prepared to record their fantastic experiences in their English books.

Nick Chandler, deputy headteacher and part of the Year 6 teaching team, commented: “The continuation of the inspirational event of the flight to Madagascar was an obvious step to take in helping children develop outstanding writing skills based on true to life personal experiences.

“The Year 6 staff wanted to make transition to the next writing genre a seamless continuation of the last event which had so fired the children’s imagination.

“In particular the ‘Avatars’ were a spectacular touch, although children did question where two of their teachers were that afternoon and why they had missed it all!”

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