Warning to check smoke alarms as clocks go forward

Lincs Fire and Rescue News.
Lincs Fire and Rescue News.

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue is asking residents to give their smoke alarms a spring clean and check they work as the clocks go forward on Sunday.

As part of the national FireKills campaign, firefighters are also encouraging people to check the alarms of older family members, neighbours or friends who need help, which could give them a better chance of surviving a fire.

Last year over 200 people died in house fires and statistics show people are at least four times more likely to die if there’s no working alarm.

For many, testing smoke alarms is often low on their list of chores -but firefighters say it could save your life.

Karl Turrill, deputy community fire safety manager, said: “It is easy to see when your clock has stopped ticking, but you can’t tell if your alarm has stopped working without pushing its button.

“Last March, about one in seven people reached for the test button, and this year we want more people to do the same. It is also important to remind those who you know and love to test theirs, or help them if they need it.

“Smoke alarms are cheap and easy to fit. Checking them might add a few seconds onto your spring cleaning chores, but it could also be a chore that saves your life.”

The service has released the following tips:

- You need a working smoke alarm on each floor of your home.

- Press the button and test your smoke alarms once a week.

- Change the battery at least once per year unless it is a sealed device.

- Never remove the batteries for use in anything else, like remote controls or children’s toys.

- Twice a year open the case and gently vacuum inside to remove dust.