Parish council to explore options for Morton A15 crossing

The A15 crossroads in Morton.
The A15 crossroads in Morton.

Parish councillors want to explore all possible options for a busy crossroads before committing to a four-way traffic light system.

Morton and Hanthorpe Parish Council met on Tuesday to discuss the proposal from Lincolnshire County Council for the A15 junction in Morton.

Last week the council’s executive councillor for highways Richard Davies (Con) told a public meeting that four-way traffic lights would be “the safest way to get pedestrians across the road.” But he admitted that it would affect traffic and would cost in the region of £170,000.

On Tuesday councillors voted not to support the traffic light proposal just yet, but instead to explore the possibility of a pelican-style crossing to the north of the junction.

Such a crossing would have to be beyond Halls Garage to comply with national highways regulations.

Council chairman Richard Wells said a number of people had raised concerns about the impact of four-way lights on road traffic.

He added: “If there is a way of getting a controlled crossing to the north of the crossroads then that would be a better bet in terms of general traffic disruption.

“We are looking at whether there is any remote possibility of that happening.”

Part of the problem with the county council’s proposal is funding. Coun Davies told last week’s meeting that the authority did not have the money to build the crossing, although some would be available through Section 106 agreements on developments in the village.

One suggestion made by a member of the public was to increase the parish precept.

Coun Wells said it was important to get the approval of the parish before asking residents for more money, but the precept for Morton and Hanthorpe was lower than many surrounding villages so an increase was a possibility.

He added: “It’s by no means a thumbs down to a crossing. Everyone is unanimous in agreeing there is a need. We want to explore all the possibilities before we make a final recommendation.

“It’s a big step, particularly if we are to ask the villagers to support us through the precept.”

The council hopes to present its findings to the parish in September, at which point a survey will likely be carried out.