Council votes to spend £100,000 on crossing

Sheepmarket, Stamford. Photo: MSMP110614-002am EMN-141106-162530001
Sheepmarket, Stamford. Photo: MSMP110614-002am EMN-141106-162530001

Councillors have approved a plan to spend about £100,000 on a zebra crossing to link Stamford railway station to the town centre.

Lincolnshire County Council will build the crossing in Sheep Market, to the west of Castle Dyke.

The pavement in Castle Dyke will be widened and about six parking pays will be removed.

The council wants to improve the pedestrian link from the railway station to the town centre.

Area highways manager Kevin Brumfield said: “As a result of objections to the original proposal to install a zebra crossing in Sheep Market, Stamford, and removal of some of the on street parking, a site meeting by members took place on February 6.

“As a result of the visit, at the planning meeting on February 16, members decide to go ahead with the scheme, and we envisage work will start around September.”

The council consulted on the proposals in May last year. Ten people objected on the grounds that the crossing would have an impact on the setting of the Eleanor Cross. Both Stamford Town Council and Stamford Civic Society objected to the removal of parking spaces.

Two people living nearby wrote letters in support of the idea.

Coun Rob Foulkes (Ukip) took part in the site visit and spoke at the planning meeting in February, although he is not a member of the decision-making committee.

He carried out a small survey of ward residents and found the majority did not think the zebra crossing was needed.

Coun Foulkes said: “I had a few responses, the majority of which said it was a waste of money and we should not get rid of parking spaces.”

But the plans were welcomed by people with disabilities. Coun Foulkes added: “They thought it was a wonderful idea.

“I don’t think personally we need one because the traffic there isn’t particularly thick.”