Support A15 meeting, says speed campaigner

40mph speed limit sign
40mph speed limit sign
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A campaigner who launched a petition to get crossings installed on the A15 is calling for people to show their support at a public meeting.

Clare White, of High Street, Thurlby, launched a petition to get crossings installed at Northorpe and Thurlby following an accident on January 7 when two 11-year-old girls were hit by a minibus.

The Bourne Academy pupils were airlifted to hospital with serious head injuries and fractures. Police later described their condition as stable.

More than 5,500 people have signed the online and paper petitions so far but Clare now needs the public to support a meeting with Lincolnshire County Council next week.

Clare, a mother of two, said: “We need to show the council how strongly we feel about the need for crossings on the A15.

“I never expected the petitions would get so much support and I’m really pleased they have, but if people come out to the meeting it will really prove to the council just how much people want this.”

The meeting is organised in conjunction with Thurlby Parish Council and will be chaired by MP Nick Boles. The headteacher of Thurlby Primary School, members of the parish council and representatives from Lincolnshire Police are expected to attend.

Mr Boles said: “The fact this meeting is taking place on Valentine’s Day proves how strongly people feel about this issue.

“Ultimately it’s a decision for Lincolnshire County Council but I strongly support the community and their campaign. They are doing everything right and I will do everything I can to help them.”

Thurlby Parish Council has campaigned for years to get the speed limit reduced. The county council agreed to reduce the limit from 60mph to 40mph in Northorpe and to 50mph between Northorpe and Thurlby. The limit is already 40mph in Thurlby. It will be introduced this month.

Mr Boles added: “The change in speed limit will soon be implemented and that will help, but without something like a camera or a crossing there is nothing to force people to slow down and sadly some people still won’t.”

Children from Thurlby Primary School delivered their own petition to Mr Boles in parliament this week.

The public meeting will take place on Friday, February 14, at Lawrance Park Hall, Thurlby, at 7.30pm. The online petition is available to sign at