Sue Woolley: Campaigning for safer roads


Lincolnshire has 5,500 miles of roads and keeping them safe for everyone can be a challenge.

I would like to publicly thank Mr Dobson, chairman of Thurlby Parish Council, for presenting a petition about pedestrian crossings in Northorpe and Thurlby 
to a meeting of Lincolnshire County Council last month.

His action has brought the issue of road safety in our villages back into the wider public consciousness once again.

It has never been out of my thoughts. I am active in the ongoing campaign to develop safe places for our children to cross the busy roads through our villages.

We were all shocked and concerned when two 11-year-olds were seriously injured crossing the A15 in Northorpe on their way home from school in January.

I am pleased to be able to say that the girls are now back at school and recovering from the accident.

The speed limit on the stretch has been reduced from 60mph to 40mph and the accident sparked more assessments into where signal-controlled crossings should be placed.

Northorpe met the criteria and the county council's highways department will begin work on the crossing over the A15 at Northorpe in March 2015.

We must keep this momentum, continue to campaign, and remember the other areas that are still waiting for their roads to be made safer for pedestrians.

Morton village is one of those places.

I have lived in the area for 35 years now and the level of traffic on this stretch of road grows every year. In fact 11,000 vehicles travelling north and south use this stretch of the A15 every day.

The campaign in Morton is well-supported with advocates in the county, district and parish councils as well Mr Trafford, headteacher at Morton Primary School. Rest-assured that while discussions have been very public about Northorpe and Thurlby, Morton has not been forgotten.

There is only a finite amount of money in the pot for road improvements but we are always looking at ways to bring this project to fruition.

Highways officers at Lincolnshire County Council will be looking to developers investing in the area to make contributions towards a crossing.

I am in support of children walking to school.

It's a healthy way to start and end the school day, it reduces the commuter traffic and gives mums and dads walking with younger children some valuable quality time together on the journey.

I will keep battling on your behalf to make that walk to school safer in our villages and particularly in my home village of Morton.