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Stylish Nespresso machines that will keep you going while working from home

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Nespresso machines can give you a fantastic option for your home. If you’re the sort of person who needs coffee to get through the day then having the option to hit a button and make yourself a delicious, barista-style coffee with ease is ideal.

Perhaps you have gone from an office environment to working from home (as so many people have in recent years) and you’re wondering which sort of machines are suitable for your kitchen or even home office?

In this guide, we walk you through some of the benefits of a Nespresso machine for your own home as well as some of the best models for you to potentially choose.

Nespresso machine. Photo: coffeefriend.co.uk
Nespresso machine. Photo: coffeefriend.co.uk

Benefits of Nespresso machines for home use

Why should you get a Nespresso machine for your home anyway? What are the benefits compared to some other machines and the old-school methods of coffee prep?

  • Quick and easy. If you’re not the sort of person who wants to spend the time in the kitchen brewing your coffee every time you need to grab a cup and get a caffeine hit, Nespresso machines could be your solution.
  • It tastes better than instant coffee. This may be subjective in some peoples’ minds, but the vast majority agree that this is a much tastier option than the standard instant coffee.
  • It could save you money. If you’re likely to buy coffee anyway, and head to a coffee shop to get your fix of caffeine then it is much cheaper to get a Nespresso machine, per cup, it works out far cheaper.
  • There is a huge amount of choice. Nespresso machines let you choose between many different capsules to prepare different types of coffee and different drinks, all with different strengths and characteristics. You can experiment to find your favorite.

For a lot of people, a Nespresso machine makes a lot of sense and you can even install it in your home office so you don’t have to head to the kitchen every time you want a cup of coffee. The ultimate convenience.

Coffee capsules. Photo: pexels.com
Coffee capsules. Photo: pexels.com

Top Nespresso machines for working from home

So, if you’ve decided you want to get your hands on a Nespresso machine to fuel your work, which models can you choose between?

Nespresso “New Latissima One”

The Latissima One is proving to be a really popular option for those who are looking to prepare barista-style coffee at home, partially due to the fact that it has a clever container for milk.

You can brew an espresso if you want, but you can also add the frothed or steamed milk to create other types of beverage like those you might buy in the coffee shop.

The milk container is no real hassle, and it even goes in the dishwasher. You just have to make sure you keep it topped up with fresh milk when you want a coffee (don’t let it sit in there for a long time for obvious reasons).

There are four recipes in the machine, espresso, lungo, cappuccino, and latte, and they can all be made with whichever coffee capsule you choose.

It’s a bit like a bean-to-cup machine in that it can prepare a variety of drinks without you having to worry too much about any of the preparation yourself.

It’s very compact and convenient and makes a great addition to your kitchen if you are going to be working from home for the foreseeable future.

Nespresso “Essenza Mini Black”

If you are just looking for an affordable model that can give you a quick pick-up and one of the simplest ways to make a coffee. There is an espresso or lungo button so you can choose between these two types of coffee, you can also use a huge number of capsules to vary the flavor.

The design is stylish and simple and even designed to be relatively portable so you can take it with you on a weekend vacation.

It has safety features including an automatic shutoff and it’s simple to clean, plus the used capsule container has space for six capsules after they’ve made you a delicious cup of coffee.

This has a capacity of 0.6L of water and it doesn’t require milk, though you can add milk to the drinks afterwards if you so wish.

Nespresso machines. Photo: coffeefriend.co.uk
Nespresso machines. Photo: coffeefriend.co.uk


The Nespresso range is pretty large and impressive and these are just some of the choices that are good for your kitchen or home office. Both of the models on this list are relatively affordable but you can opt to go for more ‘elite’ models which may have even more types of coffee you can prepare. This usually means a little more maintenance though, which might not be ideal.

For many people working from home, the affordable Essenza Mini Black will give the functionality needed at a pretty affordable price tag.

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