Street dancing their way to the top

Jems Hip Hop EMN-150317-133008001
Jems Hip Hop EMN-150317-133008001

Dancers from Jem’s Hip Hop have received their most recent set of results and they are the best the school has ever produced.

The exams were taken as part of the UDO street dance syllabus which runs nationally providing grading for children training in hip hop and street dance styles.

For the fourth time, Stamford-based school Jem’s Hip Hop has produced a 100 per cent success rate with their examinations with all of the students passing with either a distinction or a merit.

This set of results means that Jem’s Hip Hop now have the youngest student to pass the syllabus exams in the country and the youngest students training for their Grade 3 exams nationally.

Jem’s Hip Hop director Jem Bacon said: “This most recent set of results is such a testament to the hard work these kids put in. They practice hard in class and at home and we are so proud of them for all getting such amazing results and we are especially proud of our student teachers who assist the younger students with their exam work.”

Examiner Lizzie Gough, famous for her role as a judge on Alisha Dixon’s Street Dance Stars returned for a second time to examine the children and commented on how the children are very well trained and show a very high standard in comparison to other schools she has seen nationally.

Jem’s Hip Hop are looking forward to working with Lizzie in the future for guest workshops.

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