RSPCA ‘overwhelmed’ by response to Ziggy

Ziggy with Mercury content editor Kerry Coupe and reporter Rachel Pishhorn'Photo: MSMP291014-003js
Ziggy with Mercury content editor Kerry Coupe and reporter Rachel Pishhorn'Photo: MSMP291014-003js

The RSPCA has had an overwhelming response from the general public after Ziggy the dog hit headlines across the world.

Staffordshire Terrier Ziggy has been flooded with messages of support after surviving being shot in the head with a 20-inch crossbow bolt.

The two-year-old Staffy who warmed the hearts of the public, is now thankfully on the road to recovery after his ordeal.

Ziggy was found with the 20-inch carbon fibre bolt going through his head on Wednesday last week in remote woodland, near Wansford. He was found by passers-by who rushed him to the vet.

The bolt deflected off his skull, narrowly missing his brain, ears and eyes by mere millimetres.

It was touch-and-go during the delicate operation to remove the bolt but vets were able to remove the whole bolt from Ziggy’s head.

Since his traumatic experience, Ziggy has gone global with support flooding in from afar, including support from Australia and America.

His story has gone global and Ziggy has been featured on news programmes in China and South Korea.

The RSPCA has received in excess of 100 offers just in the space of a week, from people across the country wanting to give Ziggy a loving home.

Others have offered donations for his care and more than £500 has been raised.

RSPCA inspector for Stamford, Justin Stubbs, said: “The public have really taken Ziggy and his story into their hearts. We have had such a lovely reaction from people who have inundated us with calls and messages.

“It shows that despite the fact that someone attacked, and then abandoned, Ziggy in this callous way, there are still so many more people out there who care about animals and are horrified that someone could treat him in this way. It has restored a lot of my faith.”

In response to all the offers to re-home Ziggy, Justin said: “Many people have asked how they can help, we do hope to re home Ziggy eventually, but he needs some time to recover from his ordeal first.

“There will only be one person that will be lucky enough to re-home Ziggy, but I hope that off the back of such a terrible trauma that more dogs being cared for by the RSPCA will be able to find homes.”

Ziggy is currently in RSPCA care, receiving treatment and will make a full recovery.

Justin said: “Ziggy is such a lovely dog and is miraculously well at the moment - leaping and bounding about regardless of the hole in his head.

“The wound is a bit weepy and obviously still sore, but you just wouldn’t have thought he was millimetres from death a few days ago - it is amazing how resilient animals can be.”

The RSPCA and police are currently investigating the incident, after receiving information from a number of source.

Anyone interested in rehoming animals like Ziggy should visit