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Rose Award for two life-saving heroes

Rose presentation at Kirkstone House School, Baston - pictured are Peter Thurston and Charlotte Thurston (14). EMN-150324-141533009
Rose presentation at Kirkstone House School, Baston - pictured are Peter Thurston and Charlotte Thurston (14). EMN-150324-141533009

When Alison Thurston, 47, from Bourne had a sudden cardiac arrest whilst in the car with her husband and daughter, little did she know that the two most important people in her life would end up saving her.

Peter Thurston, 48 and his daughter Charlotte, aged 14, saved Alison’s life when she went into cardiac arrest whilst the family were out driving in Birmingham.

An extremely ‘traumatic’ experience for all involved, Charlotte and Peter’s heroic reactions helped to save Alison’s life and for this reason alone, Alison’ sister, Sue Green nominated the pair for the Local’s Rose Award.

Sue said: “They saved my sister’s life. Things could have been very different if they hadn’t have been there.”

The ‘shocking’ incident which took place on December 5, happened when the family were out in Birmingham at popular fashion event, Clothes Show Live at the NEC. Charlotte had been modelling at the show throughout the day and the family were heading back to the hotel for the evening.

While Peter was driving, he noticed that Alison suddenly appeared slumped in her seat and had become unconscious.

He said: “It was blind panic. Charlotte immediately dialled for an ambulance and I tried to find somewhere to pull over, not knowing where we were in Birmingham.”

Peter managed to turn the car around and drove back to the gates of the NEC car park, where he pulled Alison out of the car and performed CPR.

Within three minutes, eight paramedics were on the scene and took over from Peter.

“It took two shocks of the heart to bring Alison back”, he said. “It was so frightening, you go through every emotion. You just go into automatic pilot and you do whatever you can to help in that situation.”

Alison was rushed to Birmingham’s Heartlands Hospital, where she stayed for the next few days and then was transferred to Good Hope Hospital in Birmingham, where she had a implantable cardioverter defibrillator fitted.

Both Charlotte and Peter’s efforts, along with those of the staff at the NEC and a good samaritan who was on hand at the scene, helped to save Alison’s life that day.

Charlotte, who is currently in Year 10, studying her GCSE’s at Kirkstone House School in Baston, said: “When it happened, it was absolutely terrifying. You can’t even begin to describe how it felt.

“It’s been really nice to receive the Rose Award, all of my friends at school have said how proud they are of me.”

The pair were presented with their Rose Awards during a school assembly, with Alison’s sister Sue on hand to watch the ‘touching’ moment.

Since the frightening experience Alison has already had two more attacks, including one at the school in February when the first Rose Award presentation was due to take place.

She will now go into hospital again to have an operation to help stabilise her heart.

Peter said: “Charlotte has been amazing through all of this. It’s been a traumatic situation and it’s quite unbelievable how much you rely on your wife or partner on being there to support you, but in this case that person has been Charlotte.”

Thank you to Stephanie’s Flowers in Crown Walk, Bourne who provided The Local with the Rose Awards.

l Let us know who you think deserves to receive the The Local Rose Award by contacting reporter Rachel Pishhorn on 01780 758960 or you can e-mail rachel.pishhorn@jpress.co.uk

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