Reminder to sign up for lower energy bills

Energy news
Energy news

Families in the Deepings and Bourne have another change to make savings on their gas and electricity bills through the Lincolnshire Energy Switch Scheme.

South Kesteven District Council (SKDC) is a co-organiser of the scheme where householders who signed up for it in 2016 saved an average of £250 on their energy bills.

All people need to register an interest is their annual gas or electric statement or bills for the last 12 months.

Once registered through SKDC, energy suppliers are then invited to compete with their best offers at an auction.

Offer letters stating the potential savings are then sent to the householder who, if they accept it, are then switched over to the new energy provider.

Anne-Marie Coulthard, the scheme’s spokesman, said: “Thousands of people across the county have already switched energy providers and pocketed savings through our auctions in the last four years.”

“Registering is simple and there is nothing to lose.”