Reception children reach for the stars

Peterborough Astronomical Society visit Market Deeping Community Primary School
Peterborough Astronomical Society visit Market Deeping Community Primary School

Reception children at Market Deeping Community Primary School took a look at the stars last week with the help of Peterborough Astronomical Society.

Five volunteers from the society visited the school to share their knowledge and to give the children a close-up view of the stars and the craters on the moon.

The visit took place after school and the children brought their parents along.

First they listened to a story written by a real astronaut. They were then treated to hot chocolate and biscuits before braving the cold.

Although the sky as a little cloudy, with the help of apps on tablets and the experts on hand the children were able to get a close up view of the heavens.

Peterborough Astronomical Society is a local group with a passion for outer space. Society members came from far and wide to share their enthusiasm with the children.

Class teacher Jo Stoneer, who organised the event, said: “The children have been learning all about space this term and to have a real opportunity like this to see things up close was very special.

“We are very grateful to the people who volunteered their time to help boost the children’s learning.”

One of the young pupils, Harry, aged five, said: “I could see the craters on the moon, it was really exciting.

“I think the aliens were hiding behind the craters. It was out of this world!”

In the photograph, Miles Brooker gazes up to space with the help of a volunteer from Peterborough Astronomical Society.