Readers come up trumps in identifying mystery photos

A photo found by Bill Pattison, from Tinwell
A photo found by Bill Pattison, from Tinwell

Our recent report asking for readers help in indentifying three old photographs prompted an enthusiastic response from readers.

Bill Pattison discovered the three photos while rooting around his home in Holme Close, Tinwell and didn’t have a clue where they came from.

A photo found by Bill Pattison, from Tinwell

A photo found by Bill Pattison, from Tinwell

He asked readers for help in finding out who was in the pictures and when and where they were taken.

We have a number of calls and here is what we’ve found out.

Andy Hunt, of Stamford, believes these two pictures show members of Stamford AFC.

He and his brother Christopher are keen supporters of the club as was their late father Eric who gathered a collection of photos dating back to 1896. He was Stamford AFC treasurer in 1980 when Stamford won the FA Vase. Andy has taken on the collection and he had no hesitation in stating that the picture below left shows the Stamford football team from 1937-38.

A photo found by Bill Pattison, from Tinwell

A photo found by Bill Pattison, from Tinwell

He named them as, from left, back, T Pearson, manager A Flynn, Gregory (possibly Tommy, on crutches), Adams, H Smith, Primett, Andrew, Mrs Pinder (possibly Kate) who unusually was the female chairman, Hargreaves, A Smith and trainer C Rudkin; front, secretary E Wardle, Rogers, Trowell, Roe, Cave, Gilliat.

Mr Hunt thinks the other photo may be of the reserve team. “Both pictures are in front of the same building, possibly the back of the football stand,” he said. “The man Gregory on crutches is in both pictures.”

Sue Green got in touch to say that the picture of three men in front of a stack of bricks was her grandfather John Parsons and her great-grandfather Stanley Parsons. She had no idea who the older man on the left of the picture was.

But regular reader Mary Johnston, from Uffington, rang to say the photo was of a son, father and grandfather and she thought it was taken in Bowman’s builders yard in the 1930s to mark three generations of the same family working there.

She said the older man in the photo was her grandfather, George Parsons, her mother’s father, who died in about 1945 when she was a toddler and so she never knew him. The younger men were her uncle and cousin and Sue Green would be her second cousin’s daughter.

Mary is researching her family tree and said George was born in 1875 and was a stonemason. She thought his son Stanley also worked for Bowman’s and his son John, known as Jack, would have been an apprentice. She has various other photos of her grandfather. She thought the team pictures might be Bowman’s football teams.

Sue Green said she had been delighted to see the picture and was even more delighted when the third man was identified as her great-great grandfather. She sent in pictures of a wooden box that her great-grandfather was presented with from Stamford town for his services in the war. She also asked to be put in touch with Mr Pattinson.

“Many thanks for printing this picture, it made my day,” she said.

But following this, Mrs Chamberlain from Easton-on the -hill rang to say the older man in the picture of the three men was her grandfather, Herbert Frisby, the photo being taken at Williamson Cliff’s yard.

“He was in charge of the patterns, making the bricks,” she said. “He lived in the Essex Road area and I can remember visiting him as a child. He played the violin and my grandmother played the piano,” she said.

She had no idea who the other two men were.