RAF Wittering marks decade of exceptional engineering

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Community news.

A decade of exceptional engineering was marked at RAF Wittering when No 42 Expeditionary Support Wing marked its 10th anniversary at the Cambridgeshire Station.

No 42 Expeditionary Support Wing delivers the specialist, deployable engineering support for the RAF A4 Force. Bomb disposal, armaments, aircraft repair and airfield engineering are the four principal functions of 42 Wing.

Although formed at RAF Wittering in 2007, 42 Wing has its origins in World War Two with the formation of No 42 (Maintenance) Group. Described at the time as ‘agency services’ No 42 Group provided the RAF’s bombs, ammunition and fuel, not so far from the Wing’s current role.

The motto remains unchanged: ‘Fulmen Alatum Tenemus’ or in English: ‘We hold in readiness the winged thunderbolts’. The castle shown in the Wing’s badge is thought to be Oxford Castle, itself used for the storage of ammunition during the English Civil War.

42 Wing remains as vital today as its historical counterpart was in WWII. From the technicians of 93 Expeditionary Armaments Squadron who prepare the sophisticated weapons carried by our aircraft, to the engineers of 71 inspection and Repair Squadron, who repair aircraft in the most challenging conditions.

The anniversary included the first presentation of the Winged Thunderbolt Award for Excellence in Operational Support Engineering. Manufactured by 42 Wing’s own technicians, it is a three dimensional rendering of the castle in the Wing badge.

Chief Technician David Parkinson of No 93 Expeditionary Armaments Squadron is the first winner of the award, which recognises his exceptional leadership and technical expertise on operations. In addition to actively pursuing cost-saving measures, Chief Tech Parkinson made positive and professional contributions to the RAF Scampton Airshow.

Wing Commander Craig Watson is the current Officer Commanding 42 Wing and, along with three of his four predecessors, was joined by RAF engineers of almost every conceivable specialism to celebrate the Wing’s anniversary and the excellence of its people.

Wing Commander Watson said: “Watching the news on television, people see all the jets in the foreground and under the wings are the weapons, in the background are the temporary hangars.

“You won’t notice the equipment manufacture, power generation, aircraft in detailed inspection and repair and the specialist engineering essential 
to a modern deployed air force. All this is delivered by 42 Wing personnel.”

The Wing Commander concluded: “For ten years 42 Wing has successfully supported a wide range of RAF operations, from countering Daesh to humanitarian relief.

“Today, we have highly-skilled personnel deployed around the world providing the specialist engineering functions to enable air power.

“I am immensely proud of our people; their expertise, dedication and ingenuity is exceptional.”