Project to revitalise Red Lion square is completed

New seats in Red Lion Square'Photos: Lee Hellwing
New seats in Red Lion Square'Photos: Lee Hellwing

A project to revitalise Red Lion Square in Stamford and make the area more “user-friendly” has been completed.

Stamford Town Council, which carried out the project to revitalise, announced that it was complete late last week.

The project, which cost £20,000, was entirely financed by the Harry Skells Trust, and has seen new benches installed and planters.

Two plaques have been installed in the square recognising the donation by the trust, which is maintained by the town council, is made of funds bequeathed by Stamford resident Harry Skells.

Mayor of Stamford John Dawson, who’s jewellery business Dawsons of Stamford overlooks the square, said he believed the work had achieved its aim of making the area more “user-friendly” and more attractive.

He said: “As we all know the original project on the square created massive upset in the town and we felt two years ago that we needed to sort out the square.

“I feel it has made a massive difference and already I have seen lots of people making use of the seats. I think it is more user-friendly now and I hope people will appreciate the work that has gone into it behind the scenes.”

The project has been ongoing for about two years and the council is delighted it’s now complete.

Because the Mid-Lent Fair has a charter to use Stamford’s streets annually, it will be necessary to move the furniture into storage for that particular week, for which arrangements have been made.

Some small changes have needed to be made to the district council operated market that runs there on a Friday because of the new furniture.

The two stone seats, which were placed there during the Gateway project have to remain but the council has carried out some limited refurbishment to make them less 

Lincolnshire County Council is also due to fit new “more appropriate” lighting to replace the existing lighting, which according to the town council is at the end of its shelf life.

This new lighting has also been paid for by the Harry Skells 

Anyone who wishes to make an application to the trust can approach the clerk to Stamford Town Council at Stamford Town Hall for details of the criteria and more information.