Your News: Considering a council grant?

Bourne Town Council has a long history of providing grant funding to local organisations where the grant can bring direct benefit to the council’s area or any part of it or some of its inhabitants.

A grant cannot be made to an individual for an individual’s benefit only.

The council puts a fixed amount into the annual budget and organisations can apply by requesting a formal application form or submitting the details of the project and requirements with approximate costs with a copy of the latest audited accounts if available.

The Finance & General Purposes Committee of Bourne Town Council will be considering Grant Funding applications at its meeting on Tuesday 4 February 2014.

In addition to the above Bourne Town Council has recently received the balance of £5,118.28, from the account of the former Youth Centre Management Committee in Bourne.

This money is available for grant applications that would benefit the youth of the Parish aged 11-18 years.

Council members would like to take this opportunity to thank the former members of the Youth Centre Management Committee for their hard work throughout the years for the benefit of the youth of the Parish of Bourne.

There must be many projects that local groups are considering that may be held back by the lack of funding.

You do not have to decide under which of the 2 grant budgets your application should be decided, the council will make that decision for you.

If anyone is interested in applying for a grant, please contact the Town Clerk on 01778 426123 or e-mail

I look forward to hearing from you.