Passion on both sides in Brexit debate in the Deepings

Brexit debate organised by Deepings Business Club EMN-161105-133845001
Brexit debate organised by Deepings Business Club EMN-161105-133845001

A debate on June’s EU referendum was attended by about 100 members of the public.

Organised by the Deepings Business Club, the event at The Deepings School featured a panel of speakers from across the political spectrum.

Arguing to remain in the EU were Lincolnshire farmer and businessman Mark Tinsley and Green Party spokesperson Kat Boettge. Presenting the case for ‘Brexit’ was Ian Richardson of the campaign group Trade Unions against EU, alongside MP for South Holland and The Deepings John Hayes (Con).

Prof Rob Ackrill, of Nottingham Trent University, an academic specialising in european economics, played the role of moderator by presenting factual background information and putting some of the arguments into context.

District councillor Ashley Baxter, who chaired the event, said: “Many people still have not made up their minds how to vote on June 23. The aim of the evening was to present the arguments, for and against EU membership, clearly and with a minimum of bluster. Our straw polls showed that by the end of the evening there were far fewer undecided voters than at the start, so it appear we have helped some people to clarify their understanding.”

Despite the passion on both sides, the hustings were said to have been conducted in a civil and often light-hearted manner.

At the end of the evening special thanks were given to The Deepings School’s student technical team, and in particular Charlie Bennett, for their help with the event.