Police suspect hare coursing competition the Irish Cup could take place in Lincolnshire

Police incident tape.
Police incident tape.

Police believe a hare coursing competition could take place in Lincolnshire in February, called the ‘Irish Cup’.

Officers received a tip-off about the event but are not sure when it is likely to happen.

Police have drones, quadbikes and a Ford Kugu 4x4 vehicle on standby should the event take place.

Chief inspector Jim Tyner said: “Hare coursers are not welcome in Lincolnshire. Hare coursing is a cruel sport committed by people with little respect for the animals they hunt, the dogs they use and the people they abuse and threaten. We are working with our rural communities and other partners to make Lincolnshire a hostile environment for them. Our policy of seizing dogs is an effective deterrent and we will continue to do so. We will also seize vehicles, phones, money and use any legislation we can, whether it be criminal or civil, to prosecute those suspected of hare coursing.”

Anyone with information about this event is asked to call police on 101, quoting Operation Galileo.