Police believe murder will be solved one day

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Community news.

A senior detective says police “remain positive” that the brutal murder of Bourne supermarket worker Alan Wood will one day be solved.

Eight years ago this week, Alan’s mutilated body was found at his home in the tiny hamlet of Lound, three days after friends last saw him alive.

Alan, 50, was bound and tortured over a number of hours.

He was repeatedly stabbed before his throat was slashed and there was a post-death attempt to cut off his head.

Police said “extraordinary levels of violence” were used against Alan, while his killers walked away with just a few hundred pounds.

Speaking on Monday, the eve of the anniversary, Detective Chief Inpector Di Coulson said: “Alan’s murder was a violent event that shocked the local community and the anniversary of his death will always be a difficult time for his 

“Eight years on, the case is not closed and we remain positive that the crime will one day be solved and Alan’s family will get the answers about what happened that terrible day.”

Det Chief Inspector Coulson serves with the East Midlands Special Operations Unit (Major Crime), covering five police forces including Lincolnshire.

Alan was last seen alive by friends on October 21, 2009, when he called for a drink at his local, The Willoughby Arms, in Little 

Police investigating his murder believed that he went home from the pub but was disturbed the next day when he was in bed reading and something or someone caused him to go to the 

Following Alan’s murder, police issued a CCTV picture of “ATM man”, someone who drew cash from Alan’s bank account on four separate days, who has never been 

As well as a CCTV image, police had another key piece of evidence - one of the offenders left blood at the scene.

Forensic analysis produced a full, male DNA profile, which was run through the national DNA database in the UK and similar searches were done around the world but all came back negative.

In 2015, Alan’s murder featured in a TV documentary, Donal MacIntyre: