Opening of £135,000 playarea

Youngsters enjoy the newly refurbished Wellhead Park Play Area
Youngsters enjoy the newly refurbished Wellhead Park Play Area

A play park which underwent a £135,000 revamp has been officially opened.

The Wellhead Park Play Area, in Bourne, has undergone the work thanks to Bourne2Play.

It was the idea of four mums, Anna Rogers, Lisa Copestake, Paula Brett and Claire Carter, from the town.

They felt the old play area on the site was run down and in urgent need of an upgrade.

So in 2014 they decided to set up Bourne2Play and they set about fundraising.

Anna, chairman of the group, said: “It was a play area but it was very old.

“It really needed an upgrade.

“We ran charity events, applied for grants and did community projects to raise £135,000.

“I am very excited to have the play area finished and it looks fab!

“The kids love it too and we’re very happy to have done it.”

The Wellhead Park is located on land owned by Bourne United Charities (BUC).

It has leased it to South Kesteven District Council for 25-years which in turn granted approval for the play area.

John Kirkman, chairman of the BUC, said: “It’s a great facility and something that needed to be revamped.

“Credit to the group who raised the money they have been magnificent.

“The play area is a much needed facility in the town.”

The site is where Bourne Castle, which was destroyed in the mid-17th century, once stood.

Bourne2Play had to get Schedued Monument Consent from English Heritage.

The new park’s design has a castle and knights theme due to the land’s past use.

The play equipment’s foundations could only be 400 mm deep due to the historical past of the area.