Obituaries: Maureen Stubbs

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The funeral of Maureen Stubbs, of Edinburgh Road, Stamford, took place at Marholm Crematorium, Nicola Dela-Croix officiating.

Mrs Stubbs died at Peterborough City Hospital, aged 75.

A former shop owner, she was the daughter of Ernest and Rose Peasgood and was educated at Stamford High School.

Widow of John Stubbs, she leaves her son Justin and daughter Charlotte.

Family mourners included: Charlotte and Anthony Duckmanton, Justin Stubbs and Steph Spencer, Shannon, Meghann and Kieran, grandchildren (representing Alex and Oscar), Janet Hodgett, Ron Middleton, Lorraine Teeling, Mary Stubbs, Rhoda Stubbs, Susan Threlfull, Vicki Oliver, Joanne Rudkin, Chlodagh Breen, Jemma Rudkin, John Breen, Derek Peasgood (Diana Peasgood), Mr and Mrs A Pilkington, Miss L Pilkington (Mr N Pilkington), Leon Peasgood, Lea Wing, Jason Rudkin, Nicola Rudkin, Matthew Rudkin, Hayley Rudkin, Bob Rudkin, Sheila Townsend (Harold Townsend and family, Mr and Mrs Wilmer), Jacqui Jay (Sally, Carl, Adam, Lucy, Tim, Elly), Kim Granger (Lewis and Vikki), Ross Laird (Simon Laird), Sarah Johnston (Mary and Matt), Margaret and Sid Dalby (Jean and David Flynn), Mervyn and Rina (Sally and Kate), Irene Lee (Richard and Georgina Welsh).

Sympathisers included: Julie Owen (Oz, Luke, Jasmin), Emma Ward (staff at Tesco), Jacky and Mike Martin (Pam Healey, Kay Cook and family), Dale Desmond (Emma Desmond and family), Lindsey Troth, Kim Payne, Donna Althem, Richard Gombault (Anna and family), Rachel Miller, Gill and Phil Stafford (Mr and Mrs D Page), Jenny Ward.