Obituaries: John Wand MBE

John Wand obit
John Wand obit

The funeral service for John Wand, MBE, of Maple 
Gardens, Bourne, took place at the Abbey Church of St Peter and St Paul, Bourne, Father Chris Atkinson officiating. 
Cremation at Marholm 

Mr Wand, 88, was born in Rippingale and attended Rippingale C of E Primary School. A childhood disability instilled in him an urge to succeed.

He left school at the age of 13 to work in a bakery. An interest in electricity led to an apprenticeship with Edward Pearce in North Street, Bourne and in 1948 he set up his own business which led to a career in the electrical, TV and hardware trades with shops in Folkingham, 
Billingborough and Bourne. The latter which still bears his name today.

Throughout his life he entertained many people through his love of music, playing piano, accordion and electronic organ.

Bereaved are his widow Jessie, children John, Jane, Trevor and Paul, eight grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

Family mourners included: Jessie Wand, John and Hazel Wand, Jane and Ron Garner, Trevor and Tracey Wand, Paul and Lisa Wand, Jill and Rob Clarke, Steven Wand, Abigail and Gareth Richards, Alex Garner, Daniel Wand, Tori Bennett, Andrew Wand, Toni Mayers, Mathew and Jessica Wand, Mr and Mrs A Woods, David and Trudy, Mr and Mrs G Wand, Mr and Mrs L Ashton, Mr and Mrs J Mitchell, Peggy Mason (representing 
Richard, Gloria, Matthew and Jack Mason), Mr and Mrs Rodney Mason (Caroline and Lynn), Karen Day (Cliff , Rachel and Christopher), Nigel Mason (Geraldine, Holly and James Mason), Dean Mason (Mary Mason), Ken and Brenda Duffy, John and Margaret Wyles, Peter and Agnes, Wyles, Michael and Julie Exton (Sally and family, Timothy and family, Rippingale Parish Council), Mr and Mrs G Hotchkin, Mr and Mrs P Mason and family.

Sympathisers included: John Kime (Sue Kime), Angela Cliff (Mrs L Cliff, Mr and Mrs Bothamley), Maureen and John Key (Jane Brewster, Barry and Beryl Key), Patricia and Less Ashton, Peter and Mavis Tory and family (Barbara Sommerfield), Clive Richardson (Kirsty, Tom and Jack Richardson, Dennis and Sheila Richardson), Mervin and Devina Norman, Gerry and Jean Wells, Val and Michael Kentfield, Nick Paris (family), Ian Haver (family), Eric and Maxine Jessop (Robert and Dawn Jessop, Julia Lister and family), Kath and David Edwards (Clark family), Mr and Mrs David Windsor (Andy Wood), Charlotte Enderby (Dean Enderby), Faith Balaam (Justine Balaam, Naomi Needham), John and Linda Wass (Denis and Edith Neal, Bourne Organ Club, Digby Court), Brian and Sue Lane (Daphne Cooke and family), James Talton, David Redshaw (Bill Green), D Hurst (family), Gordon Paul (family), Maureen Ward (family), Richard Miller (family), Malcolm and Henry Wells, Gary Gray, Kevin Delaine-Smith (Delaine Buses Limited), Jean Mawer (Mr and Mrs G Tickler), Louise Green (Steven Green, Nelson M Green and Sons), Margaret Ash (Shelagh Sands), Mr and Mrs G Chapman (family), Tony and Val Prince (Sophie and Daniel Stone), Ron and Mary Horseman (Albert Marvin, Ken Wade), Melanie Firth (Sarah and Ashley and Jackie Tomblin, Ann Brittain), Mr and Mrs Peter Steel, Carol and Gerald Bone and family, David Jockel, Edward Heck, David and Elizabeth Edwards (Maureen Edwards), Geoff and Barbara Key (Peter Key), Jo and Brian Lawrance, Terry Lawrance, Mr and Mrs Berridge (family), Warwick Banks, V Barker, Ernie and H Wyer, Mr E Mackinder, Rob and Pauline Redshaw, Jane Wells (Joan, Jackie and family, Tara and Olly Proctor), Mr and Mrs Clingo (family), J Key (family), Anne Tilley (Stuart Tilley), Amanda Fowler (Paul Fowler, Paula and Stuart Glover), Mr and Mrs P Rawlings, Mr and Mrs A Houghton, Len Burwell, Carl and Myra Taylor, Ron and Judy Cox, Jake Jacobs, Sue Luesby (Dave and Paul Luesby, Gail Watts), Maj and Mrs Sykes, Andrew Cox, (Hedley and Ellis Limited), Jean Garner (Alan, Margaret and family), Peter Newcomb (Tarsh Newcomb), Barbara Coleman, Pat Bird, Gwen Wesley, Andy Thorbly, G Featherstone, Keith and Edith Wesley (Kay and Lucy), Barry and Betty Foston (Dr Parry), Doreen Snushall (Debbie, Mark and boys), Sue Smith (Alan Smith, John Lyons), Liz Smith, Liz Markham, Graham McKenzie, Nigel and Janice Spencer (Chapman and Spencer families), Harold and Sheila Donner (H Donner), Gill Bainbridge (Rob and Cherry Immink , Bill and Marjorie Immink), C Chapman (Mr S Gibbons), Lyn Reid (Kevin Chambers), Sue Lawrance (Jamie Lawrance), Cecilia Haver (family and Tony and Annie Whitcombe), Graham and Kath Chapman (Robert, Richard and families), Reg Brunton (Bruntons), Stuart and Helen Found, Lorraine and Barbara Engledow (Mr and Mrs N Gray), Bob and Babs Ling, Brian Johnson, Roy and Shirley Mitchelson, David and Susan Gordon, Tim Thorald, Gerry Burrows (Joyce), Angela and Rex Eckford, John Chapman, John Sismey (Margaret Sismey, Lahoma Engineering Ltd), Adrian Smith, Nelly Jacobs (Bourne Town Council), Jim James (Betty James), Jenny Richardson (Jenny May Ltd), Joy Peers and Angela Watson (Neville Peers), Patrick Quinn, Heather and Mick Ayliffe, Geoff and Pauline Bampton, Dick Salmon, B Salmon (family, Mrs S Jones), Francis Bridgewater (Bridgewater and Allan families), Dr and Mrs M McGregor, John Phillips, Mr and Mrs H Louth and Paul, Maurice Briggs, Steve Hall (Lynn Hall and Halls Garage), Andrew Atkinson), David and Carol Atkinson, Lucinda Proctor), Andrew and Carol Wyer, Emma Stevenson and Mr and Mrs M Stevenson (Mr W Green).