Obit: Rene O’Neill

Rene O'Neill
Rene O'Neill

Irene (Rene) O’Neill, of Quorn Grange, Oakham, died at Rutland Memorial Hospital, aged 94.

She was the daughter of Philip and Annie Williamson and was educated at Langham Primary School and Oakham Secondary School. Born at Langham Lodge she lived all her life in Rutland. On leaving school she worked in service as a housemaid to Lord and Lady Londsdale and then became a member of the Women’s Land Army.

A member of RAOB, Catmose Club and Oakley Ladies Glade, she enjoyed playing bingo, reading and socialising.

Widow of Peter O’Neill, she leaves her children Joan, Michael and Robin.

The Rev Hildred Crowther officiated at the funeral service at All Saints Church, Oakham.

Family mourners included: Joan Wright, Michael and Mary O’Neill, Robin and Barbara O’Neill, Julie and Russell, Tammy, Martin and Heather, Sarah, Debbie and Alex, Rebecca and Matt, Stephanie (grandchildren); Melissa and Brad (great grandchildren); Mary, Pat and Rory, Linda and Lenny, Margaret and Jeff (representing Joyce Green, Emma and Roy, Fiona and Darren, Janet and Neil), Ann, Ron and Susie, David, George, Susan, Ken and Jennifer Williamson.

Racheal and I Wangale, Chris Coles, Geordie Cameron (family Peter and J Hicks, Jerry and Alison Burton), Bob and Judy Bruce, Paul and Jayne Barnaby, Becky Palmer, Hanan Abdul Ralim (Rutland Care Village), Denis O’Leary (Pauline O’Leary, Mrs Grace), Bob Spencer (Hazel, A Rawlings), Lilian Burton, Mrs Thorpe (Wendy Rutland Care Village), Amy Asher, Muriel Mamos, Brian Boomer, Tracey Pryor, Brian Rose, Aubrey and Sylvia Minckley, Michael Davis (Jill Davis), Beverly Bartsch (Evelyn Hudson), Ray and Mavies Hibbitt (Catmose Club), Sarah McCormack (Graham McCormack and family), Janet Brackenbury (Brian Anderson), Gill and Michael Frisby (Tim Claire, Megan and Olivia), Mary Batty, Sally Howes-Metcalfe, Sandy Vickers (Sharon and Paul Griffiths), Angela Wallace (Michael Gardener, Tony, Mary and Martin Dalby, Tom Eayrs, Keith and Ellen Freer (Annette and Brian), Joyce Halliday (Pauline and Hayden Crew, Marjorie Lombard, Marjorie Walton), Wendy and Geordie Thompson, Jean Grant (Amy, Jamie), Vera Dawson (Denis and Pat Dickinson), Linda Glover, Mr and Mrs Robert Galt (Mark Galt, Caroline Woolley), Rosemary and Tony Butcher (Chris and Jim), Jackie Wallace, Helen and Karen Dickenson, Rosemary Baines, Marjorie Kemp (Ladies Glade), Sue Spratly, Jo Wright, Clare Mee.