Neighbourhood Watch can make town safer

Philip Knowles, chairman neighbourhood watch, Bourne'Photo:  SG08112-111TW
Philip Knowles, chairman neighbourhood watch, Bourne'Photo: SG08112-111TW

Communities in Bourne could soon be safer as the new Neighbourhood Watch chairman looks to rejuvenate the movement in the town.

In the annual general 
meeting of the Bourne 
and District Neighbourhood Watch at the fire station 
in South Street a new 
chairman and treasurer were elected.

Bourne Town Councillor Philip Knowles has taken over as chairman and Tom Conben has filled the role of treasurer.

At the meeting Coun Knowles declared his intention to try to publicise the benefits of active Neighbourhood Watch groups and to seek to encourage those areas without groups to consider forming one.

Coun Knowles said: “We are going to try and give the scheme a bit of impetus.

“We are hoping we can enthuse more people to take part.”

Coun Knowles said the Neighbourhood Watch scheme is particularly effective in 
cul-de-sacs and acts as a deterrents to opportunist thieves.

He said: “The way it works is everyone has an eye open for anything out of the ordinary.

“It is about the community looking after each other with the support of the police.”

PCSO Graeme Parrott who was at the meeting said he believes that people coming together to form
 local Neighbourhood Watch groups provide a significant deterrent to potential criminals.

During the meeting PCSO Parrott led a discussion about problems that Bourne experienced.

He said he hoped that a recent series of garage thefts had been brought under control.

The Bourne and District Neighbourhood Watch covers 
a large area of South Lincolnshire including the Deepings, Billingborough and Witham-on-the-Hill.

Coun Knowles said he will seek to involve a wider cross section of Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinators, establishing regular communication with those who wish to take part.

Anyone wishing to know more or who may wish 
to consider starting a group should Coun Knowles on 
01778 425438 or e-mail philipknowles

At the meeting tributes were paid to the retiring officers Trevor Windle and Sue Searle.

They were described as having served the scheme with “commendable diligence and enthusiasm” for a number of years.