‘My brother is lucky to be alive’

Chris Weeks with sister Carly Yeganeh
Chris Weeks with sister Carly Yeganeh

A woman says her brother is lucky to be alive after being in the direct pathway of a impassable avalanche on Mount Everest which killed one of his colleagues and more than a dozen other people.

Chris Weeks, 33, narrowly escaped death, after being in the thick of the Everest avalanche which hit on Friday last week following a 7.8 magnitude earthquake that has left Nepal in devastation.

The adventurer, who’s life long dream was to reach the highest point in the world, escaped with just cuts and bruises, thanks to his quick thinking actions.

When the avalanche struck, Christ was over 5,000m above ground at base camp, he had just seconds to run from his tent after hearing the roar of the avalanche raining down on the camp.

Chris’ sister, Carly Yeganeh, 31, who lives in Stamford, was terrified to hear of her brother’s near death experience.

She said: “He told us that he just ran for his life from the tent and then hid behind a rock for safety.”

Unfortunately, one of Chris’ team mates died following head injuries. Another team member was also seriously injured.

After the avalanche struck, Chris managed to make it to Gorak Shep (the former Everest base camp) where he made a brief call to his family by satellite phone.

Carly and her family had spent hours not knowing whether he was alive.

She said: “We were so worried. We have never felt such relief when we got the call, just knowing that he was alive and uninsured.”

Chris, who lives in Peterborough, is currently helping with the tireless relief effort on the mountain. He has told his family that the situation is ‘hell on earth’.

Carly added: “I pray for the safe return of my brother, we are so proud of him. He is an amazing man, with a massive heart and a heck of a lot of people are thinking about him right now.

“Knowing Chris as we do he will be heartbroken when he hears about the devastation of Kathmandum. He spoke so highly of the Nepalese and was always the first to empty his pockets and his heart to them.”