Lincolnshire library campaigners meet MPs

Save Lincolnshire Libraries campaigners outside the Houses of Parliament. Photo: @SaveLincsLibs EMN-140804-150125001
Save Lincolnshire Libraries campaigners outside the Houses of Parliament. Photo: @SaveLincsLibs EMN-140804-150125001
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A delegation from Save Lincolnshire Libraries visited 10 Downing Street to put their campaign to Prime Minister David Cameron.

The group hopes Mr Cameron will intervene on plans to cut library services in Lincolnshire. Lincolnshire County Council has agreed to withdraw funding from the majority of its libraries, meaning Deepings Library in Market Deeping would close unless volunteers took it over.

Campaigners presented a book containing more than 900 comments from the 23,000 people who have signed the Save Lincolnshire Libraries petition, including Melvyn Bragg and Michael Rosen.

Mr Bragg said: “The public library system in this country is one of the finest achievements that we have, alongside the BBC and the British Museum. To close libraries is to close minds, especially young minds and I do hope that the opposition to these plans will persuade the county council to think again and reverse what could be an act of irreparable damage to the future of learning and the enrichment of minds.”

In addition to the comments from supporters, Save Lincolnshire Libraries handed over a letter to the Prime Minister setting out what is happening to libraries in the county.

The letter concludes: “We have already asked your ministers to intervene, without success so far. Please can you have a look at what is happening in our county and help.”

Julie Harrison, one of the delegation, said: “It is time for the Prime Minister to intervene. The county council is sticking its head in the sand and not listening. We need our Government, who have the powers to stop Lincolnshire destroying our public library service, to take action. Such a sweeping, ill thought out, decimation of an institution that is a lifeline for so many is too short-sighted. It must be stopped immediately if irreversible damage is not to take place.”

Campaigners have been live-blogging the event from their Twitter account @savelincslibraries under the hashtag #Lobby4Libraries

The 900 comments in the book to be presented to the Prime Minister can be viewed by anyone on the campaign website at