Library legal fund reaches £2,000

Simon Draper and his wife Timber Gray Draper.
Simon Draper and his wife Timber Gray Draper.
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More than £2,000 has been donated to help pay for a judicial review into a council’s decision to cut library funding.

The Save Lincolnshire Libraries group is challenging the county council’s decision to slash £2m from its annual £6m library budget.

The group, led by Lincoln resident Simon Draper, needs to raise £7,500 by the first week of July, when the case will be heard in the High Court.

Charity The Library Campaign has already donated £1,000 and a further £1,000 has been donated online.

Money has come from all over the UK and even from Australia and the US.

Campaigner Angela Montague, who manages much of the online campaign work, said: “I’m amazed to report the donation page has had over 500 hits in five days. I must thank celebrities like Neil Gaiman, Margaret Atwood, Chris Addison, Johnny Vegas and Ian Rankin for sharing the link on Twitter, giving it much more publicity that we could on our own.”