John Docker: Do we need to mess about with the time?


Ah, the delights of summer. Open windows, a warm breeze, insects humming, bees a buzzing, birds a tweeting and a member of our “help I’m trapped indoors ” sparrow family pooping all over the place in a panic-stricken attempt to get back where it belongs.

I doubt we are alone in having an unexpected feathered guest this week and much as we love ‘em, their calling cards are not quite so welcome.

But we mustn’t complain. With all that beautiful blossom nodding away happily in the garden and sneak previews of the elusive yellow orb, it really brings on a feel good factor.

What a welcome change. How long for? Who knows and I doubt the weather forecasters do either - for all their high tech wizardry.

You really can’t beat the gnarled finger of a true countryman pointing knowledgeably skywards can you? And it’s good to see the nimble fingers of pupils at Catmose College being given tuition and encouragement by visiting members of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

What a wonderful experience for these budding young musicians attending the workshop – congratulations are due to the organizers and a vote of thanks to all the professionals who gave up their time to support it. (Mercury 28th March)

Regrettably I have little or no talent in that direction so I was pleased to see budding wordsmiths also given the opportunity to strut their stuff with a spelling bee.

It’s all too easy to rely on our p.c. spell-check programmes - not always bothering with the basics these days and I must admit to occasionally joining the lazybones.

Mark you, in all fairness the memory banks do get rather bunged up at my age.

A bit like computers really! I am grateful to Anne Allen from Market Harborough for pointing out in last week’s letters, what appears to be a bit of a whoops by someone in Alan Duncan’s “perfect solution for Oakham” post office – no pillar box!

No pillar box in a post office? Whatever next – no post?

Now I must admit I have not been into Martins since the transformation so I remain to be impressed by what appears to me to be a bit of a cop-out by the new all singing all dancing privatised Post Office.

Judging by the jumbo scissors to cut the ribbon, I do hope this is not going to turn into one of those mega cost-cutting fiascos - to everyone’s advantage except the customers!

Well, we’ve survived another Mothering Sunday and putting the clocks forward in one fell swoop.

I don’t know why they don’t bung it all into Easter weekend and be done with it.

But seriously folks, is there anyone out there who genuinely believes it’s necessary to keep messing about with the time?

I’m surprised one of those look you straight in the ear politicians hasn’t come up with how much we’d all save.

A popular cost cutter? Now there’s a vote catcher!