HGV drivers to face fines if they ignore weight limit on Stamford Road

Community news.
Community news.

HGV drivers are to be slapped with fixed penalty notices by police if they continue to disobey the weight limit on a Stamford road.

Officers have found HGVs above Stamford’s 7.5 tonne weight limit are posing a safety risk to pedestrians in Sidney Farm Lane.

Since September police have carried out several enforcement days on the road where they ticked-off HGV drivers who were breaking the weight limits and asked the company’s they work for to find them other 

But the numbers of HGVs above the weight limit has not declined so police have decided to take firmer action and issue the fixed penalty notices from the New Year in order to try and resolve the issue.

Ian Martin, community policing inspector for Stamford, said: “Officers have always tried to be 

“Within the last month we have spoken to drivers and liaised with transport companies, however, we are still seeing an increased weight on that road.

A survey conducted by the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership on behalf of police in September found 
88 out of 3,539 vehicles travelling on Sidney Farm Lane over a seven day period were HGVs above the weight limit.

Sidney Farm Lane has no weight limit reminder signs but there is one on the B1081 near the junction for the 

Police had been in talks with Lincolnshire County Council over installing legal weight limit reminder signs on Sidney Farm Lane but Inspector Martin said that he was told this month that the council would not be installing them “at the present 

Inspector Martin hopes signs can be installed in the future as he thinks they will serve as a good reminder for HGV drivers.

He said: “As a driver of a heavy goods vehicle it is your responsibilty to pay attention to the signs on the road, however, the more signs there is the more chance you have to take action.”