Help with Christmas crime crackdown

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Shops and businesses are being urged to take extra care over the Christmas period to prevent shoplifting.

Police asked business owners to be mindful of thieves taking advantage of the additional crowds, which can often coincide with an increase in shoplifting.

A police spokesman said: “Shoplifting not only has an adverse economic affect to businesses, but ultimately the wider community, where the costs are felt by everybody with shop prices increasing to cover costs.”

Police teams also urged people to report anything suspicious they see in a bid to crackdown on festive crime. Anyone with information can call 101.

Officers are also holding an initiative to combat bicycle thefts and will be running a property marking session at Lawrance Park, Thurlby, on Friday, January 2, between 11am and 12.30pm.

Anyone who receives a new bike for Christmas is encouraged to take it along to have it marked.