Help find handsome Ruby a new home

Ruby EMN-140611-181558001
Ruby EMN-140611-181558001

Hello friends. I am Ruby, a handsome German Shepherd.

Life didn’t start well for me. I spent a lot of my time outside on a running line. On my first birthday my owners told me that we were all going out for a ride together. I thought they were planning a birthday treat for me but they were actually going to hand me over to Three Counties Dog Rescue.

I was really worried because I didn’t know who Three Counties were, only that lots of other dogs and some cats were there as well. It has turned out to be a real birthday present because I am really loved here. Mind you it would be great to have a home where I lived indoors and was loved and appreciated.

If you think you might be that home call Gyll Mauchline on 01778 440318 or 077085 89792 (9am and 6pm) or visit