Your News: Shiatsu can help your mind and body

Ray Pawlett holding a book he has written about Shiatsu
Ray Pawlett holding a book he has written about Shiatsu

I became a qualified Shiatsu practitioner in 1997. Originally, it was something that was a great passion in my life but was not my way of making a living. This changed three years ago when I set up Ki-Ways and made Shiatsu treatments one of the main offerings along with Tai Chi, meditation and Energy coaching.

Since starting to learn Shiatsu in the mid 1990’s I have helped many people. These range from people who just want to look after their health to people with very difficult conditions such as chronic fatigue, emotional problems, cancer, frozen shoulder, those undergoing difficult treatment programmes, arthritis, swollen ankles, migraine, stress, back pain, joint pain, sciatica, addiction problems and many more.

So what exactly is Shiatsu and if it really is that good why isn’t everybody doing it?

If like me you were very lucky and had a kind and loving mother, when you hurt yourself she gave you a hug. You instantly felt better. The healing power of touch is either consciously or subconsciously known by parents and healers worldwide.

Shiatsu is a touch based therapy that uses similar theories to acupuncture. Instead of using needles to make changes, I use my hands and am there with you for the whole treatment which is done fully clothed and in a comfortable environment.

Shiatsu feels a little like massage or osteopathic technique. To learn Shiatsu, I have not learned how to manipulate the physical bones and fibres of your body. I feel for energetic changes and make them happen so my skills are very different.

Shiatsu works for your body, mind and spirit. When you first leave a treatment you will feel better. People say that they feel like they are “taller”, “like a computer that has been re-booted” or just “recharged”. This is caused by the physical adjustments of the treatment.

After a couple of days these feeling will settle down but the treatment will be working on the emotional plane. Somehow problems that we once had no longer seem as insurmountable and we just get on with things.

The final phase is the “spirit” part of the treatment. As your internal energies adjust, then you feel like you are on the true path of your life – doing what is right for you. This becomes an amazing feeling that can help you through life.

In order to maximise the effect of the treatment, I give recommendations so that you can keep the feeling of the treatment for longer. My most successful clients try at least some of the recommendations and get amazing results.

So, why isn’t everybody doing it? They are! One of my teachers has worked with Madonna and Mick Jagger. In his (my teacher’s) words, “How do you think she keeps looking so good or he manages to jump around on stage like that if they are not getting a little help?”

Shiatsu is ancient and worldwide. Scientific proof may be hard to attain for many reasons but it has been around for a long time and a lot of people are using it. This must say something.

How would YOU fancy a session? Do you have problems that we could perhaps help or just need a little bit of maintenance?

At the moment, I am doing “try-out” treatments for £25.00. It is a special price to mark my third anniversary and for that price you get a full hour in which I will take your details and give you a full treatment along with some basic follow-up recommendations.

You have very little to lose and perhaps a lot to gain.

If you would like to find out more, please contact Ray Pawlett on 07413 620344 or for more details.