Your News: Reflexology has positive effects

Foot massage
Foot massage

Reflexology dates back to the ancient medical traditions of China and Egypt. It is based on the principles of pressure points linked to different organs of the body.

Energy flow (Qi) travels through the body via pathways called meridians of which there are 12. The nerve endings that link these organs accumulate in the palm of the hands and the soles of the feet. These are then divided into zones that represent different parts of the body rather like a map. Abnormal function in an organ can cause pain in the associated pressure points. A reflexologist uses these zonal pressure points on either the hands or feet to identify problems and will then stimulate them. This in effect manipulates the energy flow (Qi ) removing the ‘blockage’, correcting the imbalance and returning the organ to its natural state.

In addition to foot reflexology there is hand reflexology. This works on the same principles but works on the reflexes in the hand instead. The benefits are the same and because hands are easily accessed, you can work on specific points yourself in between treatments helping you take more control. This is especially good for headaches, neck or back pain. It also means for those of you who dislike or perhaps cannot have your feet touched, there is another option.

Hand reflexology studies have shown that it can produce the same positive effects on the brain as meditation and can therefore go a long way to help with stress. It is also useful for constipation, headaches, migraines, asthma and depression. Studies have shown that even after only a few sessions, the timing, position and intensity of a pain can be significantly reduced.

A client recently saw me suffering with stress and anxiety. After taking a case history to ensure treatment was suitable, I carried out my examination noting a patch of dry skin in the shoulder reflex at the base of the little fingers. There was also dry and red skin at the base and tip of the thumbs all indicative of a stress response in reflexology terms.

I began with a gentle massage and exfoliation before working on the reflex areas to treat the associated symptoms.

We often have musculo-skeletal problems in the same areas when under stress and in this case, there was a history of headaches and pain in the shoulders and neck 

Reflexology is a low-cost and natural approach to combating a number of issues including those associated with stress and anxiety.

With very few contra indications it is open to almost every one of all ages.

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