Your News: Feel the benefits of vibration training at Renu

Renu, Abbey Road, Bourne - formerly the Marquis of Granby
Renu, Abbey Road, Bourne - formerly the Marquis of Granby

Advancements in the health and fitness industry have now introduced a concept of training on a vibrating plate.

Reviber Plus, Powerplate, Toning plates, are just some of the names of machines to describe them.

This technologically advanced equipment makes muscle fibres contract between 25 and 50 times per second, thus improving the efficiency of both muscles and nerves in the body whilst enhancing the co-ordination.

The instability caused by the vibrations, and in some machines the “wobble” as well, makes the body respond with multi-directional contractions to act as a counter balance. It is this type of complex reaction that is needed in everyday life. Additional muscle fibres are switched only including the “core” muscles. There is a large involvement of muscles working and more muscle being utilised results in more tone and more calories to be burned. There is no impact created thus making it easier on the joints and flexibility is enhanced.

It is a powerful tool in rehabilitation and exercise prescription and research has shown those with medical conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, and arthritis have benefited from this form exercise.

The benefits have been documented to include:

- Immediate improvements in blood circulation

- Increased muscle strength and flexibility

- Increased joint range of motions

- Decreased cellulite

- Increased bone mineral density

- Reduced pain and soreness

- Increased production of collagen

- Helps prevent age-related muscle loss, bone density loss and skin wrinkles

However, this is no miracle machine! It is important to remember 10 minutes on a vibrating plate is not sufficient to replace other forms of exercise to prove a calorie burn off. It is not an all-round solution to weight loss and it is wise to avoid the misunderstanding that it can replace traditional exercise. It is handy for those who want a quick workout, but the best solutions are found in combining it with other forms of exercise.

There are many detrimental contraindications to the use of these machines and it is therefore important that you seek professional advice prior to using the 
plate. For safety and the best results, you should go to an establishment where you can consult an exercise professional before using the vibration plate and be given some informed advice on 
how to achieve the best results.

Renu offer courses on their vibration plate that include personal training with a qualified instructor to ensure that you get the most benefit from the machine under safe supervision.

If you would like more details on our vibration plate courses or gym memberships, please call us on 01778 423923.

Claire Saunders, the owner of health and beauty salon Renu, in Abbey Road, Bourne, pens her regular column.