Drivers warned not to use hospital car park

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Drivers are being asked to use Stamford Hospital car park only if they are visiting the hospital.

Monitoring of the car park at the Ryhall Road site has shown that some motorists are parking at the site for long periods of time while they shop in Stamford town centre, making it difficult for patients, visitors and hospital staff to find a parking space.

Stamford Hospital site manager and matron Sue Brooks, said: “It is frustrating for our patients and staff when people take up spaces in our car park without needing to visit the hospital.

“Our spaces are for people who need medical assistance, their families or carers. It is very inconsiderate of people to abuse our car park and make life difficult for those in genuine need of a parking space.”

Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals Trust, which runs the hospital, will continue to monitor the car park and will issue adhesive warning notices.