Happy Mother’s Day! Is there a message for you?

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Today is the day to thank your mum for everything she does for you and tell her how much she means - and we gave readers that opportunity. Here’s the messages we received

Gill Lane : Thank you for being so wonderful and caring. I love you lots xxxx

Yvonne Roberts: You are amazing so thank you. I love you lots like jelly tots xxxx

Sara: My mum is the best she has always done lots for me and has always been there for me and she a great nannie to grandsons. Happy Mother’s Day love you lots

Shelia: You have be a brilliant step mum and you have done loads for me and I am very great full. Thankyou for everything. Happy Mother’s Day

Baker, Eileen: 80 on Mothers Day. Congratulations and lots of love from all the family x x

Muers, Rachel: Happy Mother’s Day, love from Finnlay, Harley, Macey & Nicola xxxx

Smith, Vanessa : Thank you for everything you do for us. Love you lots! Katy,Steve,Harry&Toby xx”

Goodbody, Teresa: Best Mum In The World, Happy Mothers Day Lots Of Love Abbie x

Queen, Moira: You Have Not Failed Your Children, Happy Mothers Day, Love Oliver and Thea xxx

Pamela Walden: The best Mum in the world - Love Justin and Michelle x

Michelle Popple: Happy Mothers Day, we love you with all our hearts! Love always, David, Hayley, Joanne, Mark, Skyla and Anya xx

Leserve, Rose: You’re the best, thanks for always being there. Lots of love, Ruth, Simon, Rachel and Jack x

Mummy: Happy Mummy’s Day, Love, cuddles and kisses from Thomas and Simon x x x x

Smith, Jane: Thank you for everything you do for us. Happy Mother’s Day, Love Kerry and Mark xxx

Stott, Diane: Have a lovely Mothers Day, you’re the best! Love Natalie & Hannah xxx

Scholes, Andrea: We love you lots Mummy, from Toby and Rosie xxx

Harris, Jane: To our wonderful mum on Mothering Sunday.
Love Milly, Beth, Charlotte and Zara xxxx

Moore, Rozella: Happy Mother’s Day mummy your the best in the world lots of love Levii,Laurren,Georgia,Jessie,Ryan,Louise,Abbie,Nathan xxxxxxxx

Beet, Louise: Happy mother day mummy. I love you from Simon x

Jennings, Kathy: Thank you for being my rock, my best friend. Love you to the moon and back x

Moody, Harriet: I love you more than a dinosaur’s snore lots of love from Oscar xxxx

Gill Moore: Thanks for your constant help and patience. Couldn’t manage without you. Love, Al

Peggy Stapleton: Happy Mother’s Day , thankyou for all you do, lots of love from Julie, David & Liam xxx

To Dot Templeman: Happy Mother’s Day, lots of love from your son David & financee Julie xx

Jackson, Karen: Happy mothers day, have a great day, from Liam xx

Evely, Sue: Happy Mother’s Day. Love John x

Chalkley,Glynis: You are amazing and we love you so much.love Kerry & Matt x

Olivia Revitt: You are the best mum in the word love from Scarlett, Esme and Niamh x x

Stevens, Jo: We love you Mummy! From your little stars, Alex & Isla xxx

Bolster, Jayne: Truly the best mum to us all, we adore you and are inspired by you every day xxx

Senior Valerie: To our wonderful mum we love you lots, love Susan and Julie xxx

Jackson, Caitlin: Happy Mother’s Day mummy! Love you lots xxx

Alison Cato: Happy Mother’s Day. Thanks for putting up with us from Nicola and Fergus xx

Hopkins, Wendie: Happy Mother’s Day Kitty. I’ve had so much fun with you! Love from Jack xx

Pishhorn, Ruth: Happy Mother’s Day Mummy Pish! Love you lots, from Lil Pish, Baby Pish and George xxx

Biggs, Judy: Happy Mother’s Day Mum. Love you lots, thank you for everything you do. Love Hayley xxx