General Election: Conservative Nick Boles retains Grantham and Stamford seat with 35,090 votes

MP Nick Boles' election agent Kelham Cooke reads out a message from Mr Boles after his victory as the re-elected MP could not be at the count.
MP Nick Boles' election agent Kelham Cooke reads out a message from Mr Boles after his victory as the re-elected MP could not be at the count.

MP Nick Boles has retained his Grantham and Stamford seat with 35,090 votes in the General Election.

There was a turnout of 69.4 per cent with 56,699 people voting in the constituency.

The result was as follows:

Nick Boles (Con) 35,090

Barrie Fairbairn (Lab) 14,996

Anita Day (Lib Dem) 3,120

Marietta King (UKIP) 1,745

Tariq Mahmood (Independent) 860

Rebecca Thackray (Green Party) 782

Mr Boles is recovering from cancer and was unable to be at the count at the Meres leisure centre this morning. Following Mr Boles’ victory, his election agent Kelham Cooke read out a message on his behalf. He said: “I am sorry I can’t be here to acknowledge in person the responsibility entrusted to me once again by the people of the Grantham, Stamford, Bourne and the villages in between. I want to thank all my supporters, and look forward to picking up the reins as MP once again in the next few weeks and months. I also want to thank the returning officer and all those who have officiated on this election day and who have kept us all safe. As a country we are blessed to enjoy these democratic freedoms and I promise to do everything in my power always to defend them.”

Barrie Fairbairn put in a better performance compared with the 2015 election when he was pipped into third place by UKIP with just 9,070 votes.

Mr Fairbairn told the Journal after the result was announced: “Personally I am delighted that Labour is beginning to grow a foothold in Grantham and Stamford. Looking back at 2010, this is a significant advance on 2010, and so I think I can say irrespective of the national picture, there has been some consolidation of the Labour vote and I would like to think that in part that is due to the work that I have done. I have answered every single piece of correspondence that has been in front of me.”

Mr Fairbairn added: “Theresa May has failed by her own audit. The position is she is not going to have a landslide and we are not in effect going to have an elected dictatorship which really is in the best interests of the nation.”

Third-placed Anita Day, of the Liberal Democrats, thanked those who had voted for her and said, while the result was not as good as she would have liked, she felt she had made a good effort with the voters. She said: “It has been a really nice reaction from the people in the town. I was meeting voters on the doorsteps and some were saying it was the first time a politician has bothered to come to talk to us.

“This constituency has been blue for so long I think there has been some complacency there. I think a lot of people feel ignored and people said they would vote for me because I had made the effort.”

With regard to the national picture she said: “I think Theresa May has miscalculated and tried to take the opportunity to hit Corbyn while he was down, but she will regret it.”

Independent candidate Tariq Mahmood, a consultant gastroenterologist at Grantham Hospital, said he was happy with the support he had got, much of it from his patients.

Dr Mahmood said: “My purpose was to highlight the issue of the hospital and I feel I have done that. I have been very vocal about the hospital and about Grantham and I will continue to do that.”