Frustration at straw lining Bourne streets

Straw on the streets in Bourne
Straw on the streets in Bourne

Residents living around the Exeter Street area in Bourne, have had their streets and gardens littered with straw flying off the backs of lorries.

The situation has arose through lorries cutting through St Gilberts Road and Exeter Street to get to West Road.

A spokesperson for the Highways Authority said because the roads in this vicinity have no weight limits, it is difficult to stop lorries driving through them.

The Sainbury’s lorries are the only ones that do not drive through. This is because when the store was first built, it was agreed that the lorries would only come in from West Street to prevent disturbances.

Janice Jesson, 65, lives on the corner of Exeter Close. She said: “We keep our gardens, opposite Sainsbury’s, extremely tidy and are encouraged to do so when people comment on how nice they look.

“But it is not a five minute job and when huge deposits of straw are blown all over them and cannot easily be removed it is very frustrating and disheartening. We’ve had a similar situation in the past, but it has never been as bad as this year.

“The straw is also blocking the drains in St Gilbert’s Road and when it rains the straw that is over the paths can become very dangerous.”

A spokesperson from South Kesteven District Council said: “Straw is a biodegradeable substance and therefore does not pose a significant issue.

“Bourne is a small, rural town, so lorries driving through with straw is common and there is not much we can do.”

Mrs Jesson, who complained to the council a number of times, added that only once someone has come down to clear up the mess. And at other times, she said, her grandchildren have cleared the straw from the streets.