Your News: Foragers find 30 species of fungus in Bourne Wood

Friends of Bourne Wood fungus foray
Friends of Bourne Wood fungus foray

A large group of foragers set out through the woods recently, keen to delve into the dark and often mysterious world of fungi.

Under the expert guidance of Dr Vin Fleming, they crept through the autumn undergrowth. And they weren’t disappointed.

From creamy Giant Funnel Caps to the tiny but brilliantly green Parrot Waxcap and the delicate almost translucent parasol of the Pleated Ink Cap, around 40 species were found by more than 50 foragers in less than an hour – a spectacular result and a surprise for many to learn just what tiny treasures grow beneath their feet.

Dr Fleming regaled the group with tales of shamanic rituals involving the striking but psychoactive red and white Amanita Muscaria - more commonly known as Fly Agaric.

He demonstrated how the humble Puffball cleverly disperses its spores in the wind, and on everyone’s behalf he tasted the milk from an innocuous looking Lactarius Milk Cap only to report the flavour not dissimilar to battery 

On the subject of taste, the most common question posed to the expert was perhaps unsurprisingly: “Is it edible?” Dr Fleming was at pains to point out that eating fungi other than those bought at a supermarket is something best left to the highly trained, despite the temptations of a seemingly endless supply of free food.

But if they couldn’t eat them, they could definitely smell them and much joy was had discovering their perfume; from the pleasant essence of aniseed and cinnamon, to the less agreeable whiff of old laundry and raw potatoes.

And for those able to identify the smell, it was reported that the odours of disused lift shafts, Russian leather and even bed bugs are not unusual bouquets to find among the fungi family!

A highly enjoyable, entertaining and educational event that appealed to young and old; as one junior forager said: “Next time I come to the Woods, I’ll be looking down at the ground as well as all around me!”

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