Your News: Den-building challenge in Bourne Wood

Den building in Bourne Wood
Den building in Bourne Wood

The Friends of Bourne Wood had a warm day with sunny intervals for their den building competition on Sunday last week.

Five families used leftover materials from the thinning to create dens deep within the wood. Most were made lean-to style, with the exception of one wigwam style.

The dens were then covered with bracken to help make them waterproof.

The wigwam style den was big enough for two families, with a dog kennel at the end for the family’s springer spaniel, accommodating 5 people very comfortably, a very impressive but ambitious design in the time allotted. Other dens had outside seating, carpeted floors, and open fires.

Once made, the dens were tested to see if they were waterproof with the families sitting inside, and the others listening for the screams as they got wet – which everyone did!

As always, it was difficult to choose a winner as all dens were really good, but the winner was made by the Knudsen family, a lean-to design with carpet, a rocking chair, and a camp fire!

There will be another chance to try your hand at den building at the end of August, so look out for the adverts for this.