Plans in for 768 solar panels on Bourne farmland

Solar panels. File picture.
Solar panels. File picture.

Plans have been submitted for 768 ground solar panels on farmland in Bourne.

Robert Watts Limited submitted the planning application to South Kesteven District Council earlier this month.

If approved, the 768 photovoltaic panels would be laid in six rows, facing south, at Black House Farm in South Fen Road, Bourne.

The farm consists of approximately 180 acres of arable land, which is used for growing wheat, oilseed rape and canary seed.

The application states: “The lauout and siting of the PV’s has been designed to cause minimal impact within the landscape, by making the most of existing screening, to reduce any visual impact outside of the applicants land ownership.”

At their highest point, the proposed panels would be 2.64m above the ground and would be sited in the corner of a field, taking up less than one per cent of the field. The installation of the panels would take up to a month to complete.

A portion of the energy gathered from the solar panels, which converts not just sunshine but daylight into energy, would be used by the farm. The panels are non-reflective.

The application states: “The PV’s proposed would not only support the current farming electricity usage but would also future proof the farming business.

“The electricity would be exported to the National Grid, providing a wider community benefit.”

The energy exported to the National Grid, via underground cabling, would be enough to supply 17 homes in the local area.

The anticipated lifespan of the panels, according to the plans, are 20 years and after that, they would be decommissioned and the land would be restored.

It is not yet known when South Kesteven District Council will make a decision on the application.